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About us


About Us

Welcome to Replacement DPF, a service provided by DPF Clean Team, the UK market leader in DPFs, catalytic converters and silencer units.

This store has been set up to make it easier for private vehicle owners, independent or franchise garages, and major commercial fleet and plant operators nationwide to source cost effective, replacement DPFs, catalytic converters and silencer units quickly and effectively.

DPF Clean Team has over 15 years’ experience working in automotive parts reconditioning and has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise over that time, which we have poured into our replacement service. We understand that sourcing a replacement DPF, catalytic converter or silencer unit can be expensive and time consuming, so we have removed all the headaches. We can source and supply any of these components at a fraction of the cost associated with OEMs, and with the fastest turnaround time you will find in the industry. And we do this with the same high quality service and standards that DPF Clean Team has been built upon.


DPF Clean team work with a number of manufacturers who supply over 200 different models of both the higher quality silicon carbide and the more commonly used cordierite DPFs. Cordierite is commonly used in the cheaper, standard range of DPF units. The problem with cordierite is that it has a low melting point of around 1200c, which means it can melt during regeneration if the filter is seriously blocked. DPF Clean Team recommend the higher quality, silicon carbide (SiC) version which contains a compound of silicon and carbide and has a melting point of nearer 2700c. The (SiC) unit also has nearer 99% filtration efficiency. All of our new DPF units require an exchange unit. A charge of £75.00 will be made at the point of sale, which will be refunded within 7 days of receiving the DPF.



So far we have recorded a 99% success rate with the cleaning and the one per cent that did have to be cleaned twice was down to a vehicle issue, rather than the cleaning process. Ultimately this has saved us money when compared to the costs of sourcing new DPF parts.