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Volvo XC90 2.4LT D5 Turbo Diesel 2006 – Onwards


Make and Model: Volvo XC90

Engine Size: 2.4

Fitment Type: D5 Turbo Diesel (D5244T4 eng)

Start Year: 2006

OE Number: 30713210

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Product Description

Don’t Pay a Fortune…

For replacement DPFs, catalytic converters and silencer units

It’s not easy purchasing a replacement DPF, catalytic converter or silencer unit. With so many different varieties for each vehicle, and very expensive prices from OEMs, it’s easy for your mind to become clogged, never mind your DPF!

There is an easier way…

DPF Clean Team has announced a brand new replacement service for DPFs, catalytic converters and silencer units. With many already in stock and the ability to quickly source products according to your needs, our online store is the most cost effective and convenient way to source an aftermarket replacement.

Not only are all our replacement parts handpicked by our team of experts, but they are two thirds cheaper than parts offered by OEM manufacturers, and they aid regeneration, due to their unique manufacturing process.

Don’t pay a fortune for a replacement, let the experts do the hard work for you!


Why is a DPF cleaning specialist selling aftermarket replacements?

There are occasions where DPFs, catalytic converters and silencer units cannot be cleaned. This is often because the ceramic monolith, or filter element of the component is beyond repair, or because there has been a complete mechanical failure. Rather than send people away to source an aftermarket replacement themselves, we have chosen to offer these as part of our overall service model.

What makes your replacements better than other aftermarket replacements?

Traditionally, aftermarket DPF, catalytic converter and silencer unit replacements can be expensive and often difficult to source, and there can be more than one type of DPF variety for each vehicle.  The time it takes to source the right component could be valuable time wasted, particularly for fleet managers or independent garages. At DPF Clean Team, we have over 15 years’ experience working with DPFs, catalytic converters and silencer units and can find the right replacement parts very quickly.

Are your DFs cheaper than alternatives?

Typically the DPFs, catalytic converters and silencer units we supply, cost two thirds less than most OEM replacements. This is because we are independent of any component manufacturer, and can therefore charge only what the part is worth.

What if a DPF you supply becomes blocked?

If a passive regeneration is not possible, then we will clean it at our competitive price. No DPF, catalytic converter or silencer unit can never become clogged, so unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees relating to the life of our replacements. However, all the DPFs, catalytic converters and silencer units are sourced by us, ensuring they meet our own strict criteria. Our replacements are made using silicon carbide instead of cordierite, which means that they make regeneration easier, so if it does become blocked, it can be cleaned quickly and easily.

What guarantees do you offer?

The same great guarantees that come with every DPF Clean Team product or service. You get a 12-month guarantee, free delivery on all purchases and we can even offer a part-exchange service for your existing DPF, if it cannot be cleaned.

What if you do not have the part I need in stock?

We hold a lot of inventory but it is possible that sometimes, we will not have what you require in the warehouse. On these occasions, we will source a high quality replacement on your behalf and deliver it for the same great price and service that we pride ourselves on.

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